Choosing a Public Cloud Provider

As organizations transition to public or hybrid cloud, they inevitably have to choose a public cloud provider to host their cloud-based virtual machines. And while there are many infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers, each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

So begins an excellent post by Brien Posey over at

It’s a great starting point for you if you are in the early stages of sourcing a public cloud provider.

While not written with GoCloud in mind, it may as well have been – because for each criteria Posey suggests considering, GoCloud meets or exceeds what is recommended!

The bottom line of the post is this:

 …there are a number of criteria to consider when evaluating cloud service providers. Not all providers are created equally, so it’s necessary to look for the provider that will best meet the technical needs of your environment, and the business needs of your organization.

I invite you to contact me personally or any of our staff to discuss your needs. And I am confident that GoCloud will be your provider of choice.

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