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Cloud Services are an excellent option for businesses to save money on systems infrastructure, allowing your organization to evolve at pace with your business needs and provide several pathways to leverage the promise of the Cloud. They unlock new options to support your business growth in a controllable, scalable, and cost-friendly way, with a pay-as-you-go structure for only the services you consume.

Providing your employees, the ability to work from anywhere, anytime across various Internet-connected devices will improve their collaboration as users access, work on, and share files while increasing security and data availability.

Reduce overall operational IT costs, Capital Expense and TCO

Work anywhere, anytime, from any internet-connected device.

Improve Collaboration and Security

Reduce risk by securely backing up data offsite

Improved business productivity and efficiency are realized as Cloud platforms and applications are regularly updated with the latest features and security enhancements, benefiting all users at once without production-hindering downtime.

Data Security and Governance

One of the biggest concerns of every organization is data security, especially with data breaches and other cybercrimes on the rise, both at schools and businesses. These breaches can be devastating to an organizations’ bottom line and its reputation.

Hidden Expenses

80% of an organization’s IT costs aren’t spent purchasing computers, but on aftermarket tech-labor costs, needed floor space, costly cooling, and electric bills. GoCloud helps cut the hidden expenses that affect your business, allowing you more freedom in your budget.

Lack of Accessibility and Mobility

Your data is no longer chained to a physical office, allowing your team members to be at home or traveling, accessing vital information. Employees, teachers, or even students don’t need access to expensive computers to run many routines, mission-critical apps to complete their daily work.

Work-Life Balance

More and more employees expect a great deal of flexibility in their work lives; the ability to offer that flexibility can mean the difference between hiring and keeping a key employee. Since the Cloud is always on, employees can collaborate from anywhere, at any time.


Businesses can add or remove resources easily without the cost and risk of investing in physical infrastructure.

The Carbon Footprint

According to the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), cloud computing can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 16.5%.

Disaster Recovery

Storing your data in the cloud guarantees that data is always available and available anywhere.

Help Desk

Our 24/7 Helpdesk can be reached via chat, phone, or email to resolve critical incidents that impede your ability to work.

GoCloud makes it possible for your team members to access data from any location with any device. By enhancing users' access to data, your company will experience communication and collaboration improvements, leading to better-informed decisions.

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