Caring for Health

The healthcare world has become one of the most technology-intensive environment, even the smallest issue
in a mission-critical system can pull you away from your primary focus: fulfilling yo promise to your patients and clients.


The electronic health record (EHR) is the central component of the health IT infrastructure.

An EHR or electronic medical record is a person's official, digital health record and is shared among multiple healthcare providers and agencies. Other key elements of the health IT infrastructure are the personal health record (PHR), which is a person's self-maintained health record, and the health information exchange (HIE), a health data clearinghouse or a group of healthcare organizations that enter into an interoperability pact and agree to share data between their various health IT systems. At Go Cloud Inc we understand the importance of keeping your network security and uptime productivity to keep you fulfilling your promise to your patients and clients.

Our healthcare IT services help you:

  • Enable access to critical patient information
  • Improve performance of the EHR systems
  • Stabilize the infrastructure by restoring the ability to print and scan
  • Restore access to the Internet
  • Decrease exposure to HIPAA, AHCA violation penalties
  • Keep mission-critical applications running reliably and smoothly

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