Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Disaster Recovery

As a business owner, any situation that impacts staff productivity and business continuity can be considered a disaster in terms of your ability to drive necessary revenue, execute critical tasks, and communicate with clients as well as prospects.

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Only 10% of businesses that have suffered from a disaster have survived recovered long term.

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43% of companies never totally recover from a disaster.

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51% of businesses have closed within two years of suffering from a disaster. 

How Does It Work?​

Our BCDR solution can help you achieve regulatory compliance. GoCloud BCDR covers all your business continuity & disaster recovery needs locally or in the cloud. Protect servers, files, PCs, and SaaS applications. We customize a solution tailored to our clients. With a full suite of BCDR offerings for customers of all sizes, we have you covered.

Reduce Hardware-Related Downtime

Automatic Virtualization provides the ability to boot from failed hardware and operate normally while the hardware is diagnosed and remediated.

Protect Against Security Threats

Should Malware and Ransomware attacks that encrypt and hold your data hostage occur, business operations can continue unhindered using a restored image from BDR.

Quickly Recover From Disaster

Gain the ability to avert disasters and effectively overcome them when they happen.

Bullet-Proof Your Business Data

Our BDR Solution bullet-proofs your data, taking the anxiety out of technology and providing you peace of mind.

We're Committed to Our Clients