GoCloud is an Experienced Legal IT Solutions Partner for Your Law Firm

At GoCloud, we understand the importance of legal compliance and the responsibility of protecting your sensitive data, and thereby the reputation you’ve painstakingly built for your firm. We leverage our combined 20 years of experience to provide ongoing support and ensuring access to your data anytime, anywhere.



GoCloud’s legal IT services help boutique-sized firms be productive, secure, and agile. Whether you are a business executive looking for a trusted partner to take IT off your hands, or you’re an IT executive looking for expertise to address a specific IT project or function, GoCloud provides IT services specifically designed for law firms. We will work closely with you to ensure the needs of your firm’s partners, associates, staff, and clients are met.
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Mid-size firms are the most vulnerable. Of respondents in firms with 10-49 attorneys, 42% suffered a security breach.

Source: FindLaw

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55% of legal sector employees who had accidentally leaked data said they had done so because of a phishing email.

Source: Helpnetsecurity
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67 % of law firms place the responsibilities OF implementing and managing cybersecurity policies on either IT directors  other non-IT executive at the firm. 

Source: CriticalStart

GoCloud helps law firms of all sizes to maintain their compliance with the ever-evolving local, state, and federal laws. Our in-depth industry knowledge allows us to apply the proper compliance guidelines to protect your business and clients. 

With our IT Services, you can eliminate the burden and distraction of maintaining your own IT infrastructure. We host, manage, maintain, and support your network, servers, desktops, and applications for a monthly fee. Taking care of hardware and software upgrades, security updates, backup, and disaster recovery, along with many other aspects of ensuring your business operates smoothly.

Matter365 simplifies your law practice, providing your team the tools they need to succeed. GoCloud seamlessly integrates Matter365 into your firm, modernizing your workplace and providing peace of mind. Contact us about securing your practice today.


Whether you are with a small and growing law firm or a large enterprise firm, legal IT services and industry-specific solutions can improve your firm's day-to-day operations and bottom line

GoCloud keeps your business up to date with the compliance management regulations of healthcare, financial, state, and government compliance